Miniature Sword Bookmark

A feature completely unique to Artem Charta editions is the miniature sword bookmark. Elevating the concept of the ultimate collectors edition, these are not simply stamped two-dimensional swords. These three-dimensional swords are die-cast and polished to perfectly match the cover emblem.

I was blown away by the quality and attention to detail. It’s absolutely beautiful!
— Vivian, Kickstarter Supporter

die-Cast metal cover emblem

These books were designed to take the collector’s edition to the next level, starting right on the cover. The cover features a die-cast, nickel plated metal emblem, immediately setting this volume apart from any you have ever seen. This original piece of artwork is inspired by elements of the story, and gives the cover a whole new dimension of detail.

The book is amazing… It is like a work of art!
— Paul, Customer


Bespoke Sewn Binding

These editions are given a bespoke cleat sewn binding, the strongest method possible for rebound books of this type. The host book is trimmed down to a stack of loose pages, with the glued binding completely removed. Each book’s new binding starts by cutting “cleats” into the spine, sewing through with thread, and then finishing with binding glue for the back strap.

The features and attention to detail required in these editions mean that each book is handled individually through every step of the production process.

All of the features and elements make these books feel so unique, and far above any other edition I’ve seen.
— Eric, Customer

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One step at a Time

We are releasing this series one book at a time to being with. This enables a much closer eye on the quality of each new design.

Complete Matching Set

As the last two books are published, they will also be rebound to mach the first five books. This will ensure a complete collector quality matching set!