“A Song of Ice and Fire”

"A Game of Thrones"
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"A Clash of Kings"
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Magnetic Minature Sword Bookmark

This feature is completely unique and exclusive to Artem Charta books. The bookmark is a 3D die-cast miniature sword finished in polished nickel. To hold the sword in place on the spine is an ultra thin neodymium rare earth magnet. It is strategically placed to center the bookmark perfectly each time and is only 60 thousandths of an inch thick.

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Bespoke Smyth-Clean Sewn Binding

The durability of a book comes from the strength of its binding. To give your edition the strongest foundation possible, we completely rebind these edition with a Smyth-cleat sewn binding. This method is the strongest available for rebound books of this type.

The Only Edition Bound By Hand

Our books are bound by hand. One at a time. Each book is handled individually throughout the process. They require an enormous amount of hand work and attention to detail, which enables excellent quality assurance.



Die-Cast Metal Cover Emblem

You won’t find anything like this on your other limited edition books. These pieces of artwork, commissioned specifically for these books, are die-cast metal and finished in polished nickel to match the sword bookmark. Also like the bookmark, each title in the series features a unique design inspired by that particular portion of the story. “A Game of Thrones” features a snarling dire wolf, and “A Clash of Kings” features a crown of swords.