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I was blown away by the quality and attention to detail. It’s absolutely beautiful!
— Vivian, Kickstarter Supporter


Cast metal cover emblem

A cast metal crest is set into the middle of the front cover, immediately setting this volume apart from any you have ever seen. This original piece of artwork is inspired by elements of the story, and gives the cover a whole new dimension of detail. The title is stamped deep into the cover in beautiful gold metallic text. The gold foil stamping can also be found on the spine of each book identifying its number in the series.

The book is amazing… It is like a work of art!
— Paul, Customer

Magnetic Sword Bookmark

The beautifully numbered and hubbed spine features a decorative sword inspired by the the world of A Song of Ice and Fire. The sword is securely held in place by a strong rare earth magnet concealed inside the spine. This also served to center the bookmark on the spine in the same place each time you put it away.

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Big Success on Kickstarter!

Thanks to a tremendous community of support, our Kickstarter reached over $17,000 and was fully funded in just 12 hours! It is such a blessing to have such a supportive community. Join our mailing list to stay updated and get exclusive looks at any upcoming projects and editions!

It feels and looks great!
— Blake, Kickstarter Supporter
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Limited Collector Quality Edition

Artfully rebound and made to last. You'll be able to enjoy these stories again and again for years to come. This exclusive edition will be highly limited, making these even more collectable.

Beautiful Features

Embossed gold stamping, hubbed spines, and cast metal emblem covers make these limited edition even more unique and exclusive. A decorative magnetic sword on the spine doubles as a bookmark. This intentional design means that these books are just as regal sitting on a shelf as they are laying on your bedside table.


Starting at the Beginning

We are starting with the first book in the series: "A Game of  Thrones" with the remaining books in the series following soon after. 

Complete Matching Set

Each new book released as the series concludes will be rebound in matching style. This is to ensure a complete collector quality set.


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